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Chairman Comments January 2022

A year ago, our goal was to defeat president Donald Trump at the November election and move forward. We spent most of 2021 urging democrats to get out and decisively defeat trump. We did so by 7 million votes and crushed him in the electoral college. As in our history, we thought Trump would fade away but we were very, very wrong.

Little did we know that so many Americans could be so gullible as to believe his big lie that the election was stolen. Little did we know that thousands would descend upon the white house trying to keep the election of Biden from being certified despite republican election officials also agreeing that Biden won the election.

Little did we know that even today, so many mostly republicans believe that it wasn’t Trump supporters who marched on the capital that day. But with the likes of Fox News, Newsmax and oan networks all pushing the big lie, America is teetering on the edge of losing our democracy if democrats lose the 2022 elections in the house & senate.

We find ourselves in another crucial fight this year. Mostly because republican led state legislatures have passed voter suppression bills that could change the course of free and fair elections in America. The U.S. senate is currently stalled on passing voter rights legislation because 2 democratic senators aren’t on board and we need them in order to save our democracy.

Again, it will be imperative to win by huge margins in 2022 to try to overcome the voter suppression efforts by republicans. Even though they are in the minority in Washington, they are getting things done as tho they are the majority. Democrats need to wake up and stay strong or our democracy could erode right before our eyes. We can’t afford to stand still. We all must be involved to do our part. The future of our families to live in a free society depend upon it.

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