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Calling all Patriots

Our mission  as Huerfano County Democrats is:

   For every citizen in Huerfano County to be  

   informed, engaged and voting.

Our Core Values are:  Truth, Inclusion, Transparency & Integrity

Register Now for Tomorrow's Event

Our state representatives want to hear from rural voters. Meet up with Dems from Southern Colorado.  Assk questions and find out what is happening.


Saturday, July 13th at 6PM

Walsenburg Mercantile

Get Involved

Huerfano County Democrats are looking for volunteers! Please visit our volunteer page now, and sign up to help. 

Things you can do now
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Register to Vote

Worried or have question voting or your voter registration? Are you registered to vote? Have you moved and need to change your information? Was your last vote counted? Are you wondering if your registration is correct? All these questions and more are answered at

Contact Representatives

Your representatives are elected to serve as your voice. It is their duty to be responsive to the will of their constituents (that means you). Whether the issue is national, state or  local, it is your constitutional right to speak up. Call your representatives today to let your voice be heard.

Women Voting

Things are already heating up for the 2024 presidential election.  We have local and state elections this year.  We need all hands on deck.  Democracy requires work.  Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, there are a wide variety of things people can do to help our country move forward.  WE are the ones that have to make our country better for "We the People"  You can l be pivotal in determining the future of our country.    We invite all to participate. We need everyone to  work to defend our democracy!   

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