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Volunteer - Precinct Organizer

Precinct Organizers are the most important local organizers within the Democratic Party.

What is a Precinct?

Precincts are the smallest political subdivision in Colorado. In the Metro area, a precinct may be a few square blocks. In rural parts of Colorado, a precinct may be half of the county. Colorado has 3010 precincts.

Huerfano County had 11 precincts until January 1st of this year. We now have 5 precincts. Each registered voter in Huerfano County will receive a card in February stating the precinct they are in.

What is a Precinct Organizer?

Precinct Organizers are members of their County's central Committee. This is the County Party's governing body and represent all of the Democrats within their precinct at the County Central Committee. They recruit volunteers to help with voter outreach within their precinct. This may include distributing candidate literature, voter registration activities, and notifying party members about the particulars of the caucus meeting. They also call their caucus to order and usually run their caucus.

How do I Become a Precinct Organizer?

Precinct Organizers are elected at caucus. Each precinct may elect up to two individuals. They are elected in even years and serve a two-year term.

How Do I Know What My Precinct Is?

Visit and click on "find my registration". Enter your information and your 10=digit precinct number will be shown, along with all of the districts you reside in. Your precinct number is the last three digits of the 10-digit precinct number.

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