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Sol Sandoval Endorses Adam Frisch

Pueblo Community Leader Adds to a Growing Coalition Committed to Restoring Effective Representation for Western and Southern Colorado

Adam Frisch, candidate for Congress in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, announced Sol Sandoval would be endorsing him and joining his campaign.

Sandoval, the runner up in the June 28 primary, is a Pueblo community organizer and social worker. She will be a Special Advisor to Team Frisch as he builds a bipartisan coalition across CD-3 to defeat Rep. Boebert in the fall.

"I am joining Adam’s effort because we need real leadership to make sure the people of CD-3 have a voice in Washington. This district needs a representative who will fight for economic opportunity, our schools, provide better energy policies, and protect our water and public lands. Adam will be the leader who will listen to the needs of all people, regardless of their party affiliation. I am excited to be part of Adam's campaign to unify CD-3 and unseat Lauren Boebert. ¡Adelanté, Adam!" stated Sandoval.

I am honored to have Sol Sandoval joining our team and grateful to have her support. Sol is a tireless advocate for opportunity and justice in her community,” Frisch said. “As the daughter of immigrants and a single mom, Sol knows how hard it can be just to make ends meet. I promise to honor her work by fighting in Washington for policies that put hard working families first and make sure everyone in CD-3 has a voice. Boebert is weak and going to lose, and we are building a strong coalition that can restore real leadership to get things done for the people of CD-3.”

Sandoval is the latest high-profile, trusted community leader to back the campaign. Frisch has continued to assemble a broad coalition of supporters, including past CD-3 candidates Donald Valdez, Alex Walker, and Colin Wilhelm.

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