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Chairman Comments April 2022

The stressful caucus & assembly process for local and state is now done and over. We turn our attention to the June primary which is just around the corner. I want to thank all of you who participated and assisted in getting these important meetings done.

I am in touch with numerous other county chairs in the state that agree with me that caucus and assembly is too much work and time consuming especially for the small amount of people that participate. Efforts will be made to go to a straight primary in future election years if we can get it done. I will keep you appraised.

Travis Nelson of Gardner volunteered to be a candidate for senate district 35 during the multi-county assembly this past week. There were no other dems running for the position. Apparently, other candidates have until April 21st to throw their hat in the ring.

I will keep you appraised of the various candidates that may come through our county between now and the June primary that you may want to meet in person.

We all welcome the people who are the precinct organizers for our county and i thank you for being willing to participate. Some are new precinct organizers and some have served in the position in the past.

While we have a nice war chest due mostly to our auction last fall and donations at the caucus and assembly, I believe we should continue fund raising efforts for the general election coming up in November. Ideas are welcome and we’ll have some discussion in our regular meeting tonight.

While we have all gotten somewhat used to zoom meetings, making it easier to sit at home and meet, some have voiced a desire to get back to meeting in person and having activities in person again. I think we were smart during the covid-19 pandemic at its height to take precautions. I know that county republicans didn’t take the precautions that we did and met in person most of the time. They also helped candidates for various positions in the county by going door to door to assist them in getting elected. We must decide how to proceed from now to the November election to help our dems candidates.

As always, your thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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