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An Update from Adam Frisch

A Letter from Adam Frisch

I want to share an update following yesterday's Secretary of State announcement of a mandatory recount. Since the results were so close, we have been expecting this as a mandatory part of Colorado's voting process. The recount is one of the measures that protects and helps ensure the sanctity of Colorado elections and the decision to conduct a recount is (rightfully so) not influenced by any campaign or candidate. I have said from the beginning that I will honor the certified results of the Colorado Secretary of State, and Coloradans deserve to have this legally mandated process take place.

Colorado Politics provides additional details in this article: Mandatory recount ordered in congressional race between Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch

While I am fully supportive of the recount process, based on the history of Colorado recounts, I could not, in good faith, perpetuate false hope that there is a good chance of the recount changing the outcome of this election. That is why on November 18th, I publicly conceded this race to my opponent. When I launched this campaign, I promised to run this race with integrity because that is who I am. I could not look people in the eye and raise money when the votes were already cast, ballots cured, and the final election results were in the hands of Colorado's competent Secretary of State - and no amount of money could change them.

The race for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District has become the closest election in the nation this year, and folks have been shocked, especially given this district's 9 point Republican advantage. With support from so many of you, my team and I are very proud of the race we ran. It clearly shows a rejection of extremism and a lack of focus by the incumbent on the citizens of Western & Southern Colorado by Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike.

My concession remains sincere but has no legal implications – under no circumstances did I want it to stop (which it legally cannot) this recount of votes. If, by some slight chance, there is a big enough vote swing to put us in the lead after the recount, we would be certified the winner and sworn into congress on January 3rd. But the reality is we do not expect the results of this election to change with the recount.

In the meantime, plans for the recount are being finalized today by each of the 27 counties in the district. I will keep you updated on the progress and share the information we have with you, but at this time, we can expect the results of the recount no later than December 13th.

Thank you for keeping the faith, for your support throughout this campaign, and for believing in the democratic processes that define our country.

With gratitude – Adam

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