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Women's March - Take Action Tuesdays

The 2020 election and the Georgia runoffs may be over, but our work sure isn't. Women's Marchers are leading the charge to make sure women’s priorities are urgent priorities for the new administration.

That's why we created Take Action Tuesdays — a weekly, virtual gathering of women focused on harnessing our grassroots organizing power and fighting for meaningful progress in the post-Trump era. Every Tuesday, we'll have a virtual space to share stories and experiences and take meaningful action around key women's issues in the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Together, we'll support each other to use our voices and experiences to advocate for progress for women. Here's a quick snapshot of what we'll focus our actions and trainings on during Take Action Tuesdays:

  • Fighting for meaningful COVID relief

  • Building back jobs for women

  • Raising the minimum wage and securing paid leave

  • Advancing the Marshall Plan for Moms

  • Holding the Sedition Caucus Members accountable

We’ll have a different topic each Tuesday, so please sign up to join us for all of them or as many as you can. Plus, feel free to invite friends or family members to join you as we meet up virtually for Take Action Tuesdays!

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