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STOP - Primary Ballot Error!

Huerfano Democrats Chairman received the included email below on Sunday and verified it TODAY with Huerfano County Clerk, Erica Vigil that it was legit.

An error was made on the ballots, and we should destroy the ones we received in the mail the past few days. If you have already mailed in your ballot, the County Clerk will be in contact with you. Please read her email below for further information.

Pass the information along to other voters in Huerfano County that you may know to get the word out.

"Due to a ballot style naming error by the Huerfano County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, every Huerfano County voter was mailed a ballot with the incorrect state house race. All Huerfano County voters should destroy and discard the entire ballot packets received this week. We are working with the Secretary of State’s Office and our ballot printing & mailing vendor to send the correct ballots to every Huerfano County voter. Thus far, only 15 voters have returned their ballots as of Friday, June 7th. We will work with these voters directly to ensure they receive and have the opportunity to vote and return the corrected ballot with the correct state house race. Thank you."

Erica Vigil

Huerfano County Clerk & Recorder

 You can contact Larry Patrick, Huerfano County Democratic Chair if you have any questions or concerns, at 719-859-2701.

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