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Primary Election Ballots Arrive Today

The new ballots should be in your mailbox TODAY.

Please fill them out soon and drop them in the drop-off box behind the Huerfano County Courthouse in Walsenburg or inside at the County Clerk's Office.

The deadline is Tuesday, June 25th before 7 p.m.

Postmarks do NOT count!

Your ballot must be received by the county clerk by the deadline.

Do NOT mail your ballot. To make sure your ballot is received in time to be counted.

Make sure you have thrown away the old ballots that you received a week or 10 days ago. If you had already mailed the old ballots, the County Clerk has probably already been in contact with you.

If you have questions, call the County Clerk at 719-738-3000 Ext. 220.

Thank you and please VOTE!!

Larry Patrick

Huerfano Dems Chairman

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