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Debby Burnett drops out of CD3 Race


August 8, 2023

GUNNISON, CO – Today, Dr. Debby Burnett released a statement on the future of her campaign.

“We’ll never be able to address regular folks’ concerns until we elect them to Congress. Our current election systems are dominated by those born with wealth, connections to others with deep pockets, and who can afford to be full-time political candidates.

I was raised in Greeley by a stay-at-home mom and a water engineer dad. I’m a mom, a veterinarian, and a small-business owner. My family cannot make ends meet without my paycheck, and running for Congress isn’t something you can do part-time — especially if you aren’t wealthy.

As frustrating as it is to say this, I can’t see a path forward for my candidacy under our current system. I’ve made the difficult decision to withdraw from the race for Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who worked with me to help us get this far. To everyone who gave what they could of their hard-earned money, worked on our team, pitched in as a volunteer, or shared kind words of encouragement, please know that your support continues to mean the world to me. You are so appreciated.

Growing up in a Democratic household, I cast my first vote as an 18-year-old against the construction of a new shopping center that was wrong for our town — and I’ve done my best to fight for what’s right ever since.

Lauren Boebert is wrong for Western and Southern Colorado. She’s more concerned with building her extremist brand and prepping for her next right-wing media appearance than doing her job and addressing the needs of her constituents. From accessing safe abortions and protecting our vital natural resources to keeping our kids safe in schools and defending our democracy, there’s too much on the line to let Lauren Boebert win again. I’m urging the remaining candidates in this race: Please put in the work to understand the needs of working-class and rural Coloradans so we can finally fire Lauren Boebert once and for all and elect a representative who will get results for the people.”

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