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Chairman Comments May 2022

The June primary is 8 weeks away and now is the time to rally others to sign up if they aren’t registered and to make sure we get out to have our voices heard on who should represent us in the November general election.

There are democratic candidates wanting to take on Lauren Bobert, assuming she wins her primary. Huerfano county also has a commissioners race coming in November as there are no primary challengers.

The news that has come out this week about the draft to overturn roe vs wade has many voters, from all parties concerned. The Colorado democratic party is asking what we local counties are planning to do, if anything, to protect abortion rights. Will this be a rallying cry in November to keep dems in power?

Other issues that need public attention is voting rights and listening to what the January 6th committee comes up with in their public hearings next month about the insurrection at the nation’s capitol in 2021. Will the facts propel democrats, independents and some republicans to rally the vote to keep dems in power? Or will the fact that dems control the house, senate and presidency and have yet been unable to pass some legislation because of a couple of dems not willing to play ball, cost dems the house and/or senate in November which could impact the safety of our democracy?

These are all life changing moments before us that we as dems can rally to save our way of life or sit back and watch republicans send us back to the 20th century where women had no control over their bodies, couldn’t vote until 1919 and minority people were powerless over their lives in this country.

Overturning roe vs wade with the opinions being expressed by supreme court Justice Alito could also be used to make same sex marriage illegal, interracial marriage illegal and use of contraception methods illegal. Congress could put a stop to overturning this but unless the senate is willing to overturn the filibuster, which a couple of dems refuse to do, even tho they do it for much less serious things, our way of life could be seriously changed. It seems that many republican leaders and candidates are willing to overthrow democracy and replace it with authoritarian leaders like Donald Trump or would be copy cats.

Sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing will change the lives of our children and grandchildren in ways we have never known in this country. So we must vote, we must register others to vote, we must make our voices heard to those that are closed off by Fox, Newsmax and other right wing media.

We as individuals, can make a difference but we have to be willing to not sit back and let others do it for us. Your ideas on what to do locally, statewide or nationally are ready to be received for consideration. Our democracy depends upon it.

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