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Chairman Comments July 2022

It is and will continue to be a busy month for us in July. I felt the La Veta 'Art in the Park' booth went well for us. Republicans chose to have floats in the parade but I feel two days of seeing people and answering questions while getting more people on our email list was much more productive. I appreciate everyone that assisted in manning the booths and putting up and tearing down each day.

We’ll also talk in our agenda about next week’s meet the candidates meeting and the democracy tour that are taking place in Walsenburg on Friday, July 22nd and Sunday, July 24th. Hopefully, we can make a good showing at both events.

The recent supreme court decisions on abortion, gun legislation and EPA regulations on climate change appear to have democrats gaining in the polls for the November election.

Republican testimony during the January 6th hearings this past few weeks have also shed a lot of negative light on what former president trump and his cronies were actually doing and planning in overturning the election. Democrats hope that the hearings will help more unaffiliated and republican voters decide not to vote for election deniers on the November ballot across the country.

In a tight race, ADAM FRISCH narrowly defeated Sol Sandoval as the candidate to take on republican Lauren Bobert in November for the CD3 seat. Those democrats who switched their party affiliation to vote against Bobert in the republican primary must now be urged to change their affiliation back to democrat from unaffiliated. The danger for both political parties is that if we fall to under 10% of the available voters we are then considered a “minor political party” and lose some of our clout. Unaffiliated voters in Huerfano county currently far outnumber the democrat and republican voters.

Our democracy’s survival is on the ballot for November…so vote!

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