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Chairman Comments February 2022

The next month will be consumed with getting ready for the caucus & assembly for Huerfano county and the state of Colorado. As many may know, our precincts have shrunk from 11 precincts down to five. Voters in Huerfano county should go on-line to find out what precinct they are now in prior to caucus & assembly.

Our caucus committee is meeting on zoom every week prior to march 5th to get everything ready for caucus & assembly. We’re hoping we have a downturn in covid cases by then along with good weather for that date.

We encourage everyone to notify friends or relatives in the county of the upcoming caucus & assembly on Saturday march 5th at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. respectively. We will put out notices in the newspaper, radio and social media. Remember, if you have moved or changed your marital status since the last election, you need to update your voter registration at the county clerk’s office in Walsenburg. If you have friends or relatives that have not registered to vote, encourage them to do so. If you need more information contact me or others. The county clerk can assist them.

Democrats need everyone eligible to vote to get out and cast your ballot for this year’s primary and general election as well as show up for the caucus and assembly. Republicans have narrowly defeated democrats in the number of votes cast in the past 2 elections in Huerfano county. We can turn that around with a concerted effort by everyone to get out and vote this year.

We all did a great job in defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 election but now he has made a concerted effort with the big lie to get many republican state legislatures to put in voter suppression laws. Colorado is a lucky state so far as we have democrats in crucial voting places. We don’t want to lose that.

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