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Chairman Comments August 2022

The time is here now to get ready for the November general election. There are only 98 days until election day and only 75 days before ballots are mailed out to all registered voters in Colorado. That means our time is limited to get out the vote and work toward re-electing democrats and trying to DeFeat Lauren Bobert.

Last night’s primary election in Kansas showed that many women from both parties were against banning abortion. Voters upheld their state constitution giving women rights to abortion. It wasn’t even close. This could send a message to many other states that republican and unaffiliated voters are not happy with the supreme court’s decision on abortion rights.

However, when it comes to electing election deniers supported by Donald Trump, most of them won their primary elections in the five states holding elections on Tuesday. So Democrats have their work cut out for them to defeat these people come November. Colorado of course, has Lauren Bobert in the CD3 district that needs to be defeated. Several of us in Huerfano County were on a CD3 kickoff for ADAM FRISCH last night to begin the effort to take that seat. All of Frisch’s opponents in the June primary are backing him and were on the zoom call. So dems are united in the effort. But we also need a large majority of unaffiliated voters and disgruntled republicans to help us win. Each county needs to do their part in electing our state and local democratic candidates in November. We need to start in earnest now. August and September are important months to get our message out to the people. Most of all, we need you and the many other democrats not attending this meeting today to get on board to help.

I’ll be working with my board and precinct organizers to form our plans of how we will win our county and get more people involved. We all have to do our part for saving our democracy from falling into the hands of those wanting to form an authoritarian, dictator form of government. It’s that bad and if we don’t work hard now to defeat those that are election deniers with authoritarian tendencies we will be faced with seeing our children and grandchildren not living in a free and democratic society. It’s the same thing that we see the people of Ukraine fighting so hard to keep. Many of them have lived under dictators and don’t want to go back. We can learn from them and take action now to stay free.

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