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600 Days of Boebert: No Legislation Passed to Help Voters

Release: No Legislation Passed to Help CO-3 Voters, No Moral Compass, Can’t Tell Right from Wrong Frisch Calls on Boebert to Apologize for Tenure in Congress Marked by Ineffectiveness, Votes Against Veterans, Seniors, Human Trafficking Victims, Others

Woody Creek, CO – Tomorrow, August 26, 2022 marks Rep. Lauren Boebert’s 600th day in Congress. During those 600 days, Boebert has failed to sponsor a single piece of successful legislation. Instead, she spends her time rejecting common-sense measures that help veterans and senior citizens, protect our first responders from fentanyl, promote wildfire resilience, and more, breaking with her own party and showing us she has no moral compass.

Western Slope businessman Adam Frisch, who is running to replace Boebert in November, issued the following statement:

“In her 600 days in office, Boebert the show pony has done nothing to help the people of Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, and continues to focus more on her Twitter following than being an effective member of Congress.”

“Not only is Boebert one of the most ineffective members of Congress, her irresponsible votes against veterans, senior citizens, cancer patients and more show she simply does not know how to choose between right and wrong. Boebert often breaks with her own party to vote against common-sense legislation. I call on Boebert to apologize to her constituents for putting her personal self-promotion over the needs of Western and Southern Colorado.”

Below are 10 of Boebert’s most morally reprehensible and out-of-step votes during her 600 days in Congress:

Boebert was one of two lawmakers to vote AGAINST life-saving treatment for cancer patients.

She voted against a bill to help individuals diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia, and rare blood disorders access life-saving treatment and fund critical research. The TRANSPLANT Act reauthorized the National Bone Marrow Program and the National Cord Blood Inventory. The bill was passed unanimously in the Senate and was supported by 200 congressional Republicans. Boebert was joined only by Marjorie Taylor Greene in voting no.

Boebert was one of eight lawmakers to vote AGAINST protecting senior citizens.

She voted against the Protecting Seniors from Emergency Scams Act, which directs the FTC to create a resource on their website allowing consumers to search for scams targeting seniors based on region. 199 Republican representatives voted in favor.

Boebert was one of nine lawmakers to vote AGAINST legislation to address the maternal mortality crisis among veterans.

The Protecting Moms Who Served Act will commission the first-ever comprehensive study on the scope of America’s maternal health crisis among women veterans while also supporting maternal care coordination programs at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. 199 Republican representatives supported the bill.

Boebert was one of nine lawmakers to vote AGAINST protecting our water.

She voted against the STREAM Act, which allows states to set aside up to 30% of its annual grant for abandoned mine reclamation provided under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for the treatment and abatement of acid mine drainage, which is the release of acidic water from abandoned coal mines. 180 Congressional Republicans supported this legislation.

Boebert was one of 10 lawmakers to vote AGAINST protecting tribes.

She voted against the Protecting Indian Tribes from Scams Act, which directs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to work with Tribal authorities to study scams targeting Tribes and Tribal members and requires the FTC to submit recommendations to Congress on policies to curb these deceptive practices. 196 Republicans voted in favor.

Boebert was one of 14 lawmakers to vote AGAINST protecting first responders from fentanyl.

She voted against a bill that provides education and training related to synthetic opioids, including fentanyl. The bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to produce training materials to prevent fentanyl exposure for first responders and others in high-risk occupations. 196 congressional Republicans voted in favor.

Boebert was one of 14 lawmakers to vote AGAINST preventing fentanyl trafficking.

Boebert voted against the Fentanyl Sanctions Act - targeted sanctions legislation that would give U.S. law enforcement and sanctions officials more tools to combat the trafficking of opioids into the Unites States. 193 Republicans voted in favor.

Boebert was one of 20 lawmakers to vote AGAINST preventing human trafficking.

Boebert voted against critical human rights and law enforcement legislation aimed at combating human trafficking. 183 congressional Republicans voted in favor.

Boebert was one of 21 lawmakers to vote AGAINST helping veterans access their records.

She voted against the Access for Veterans to Records Act, which will help eliminate the records backlog at the National Personnel Records Center and make it easier to obtain records to support the claims for sick and dying veterans. 189 of Boebert’s Republican colleagues voted in favor.

Boebert was one of 41 lawmakers to vote AGAINST wildfire resilience.

Boebert voted against a wide-ranging bipartisan disaster relief bill that includes provisions for federal assistance for communities to update building codes, install fire-resistant building materials or create more defensible space around property that is at risk of wildfire. 163 Republicans voted in favor.

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