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Democracy is not a Spectator Sport
It's a participatory event!
If we don't participate, it ceases to be a democracy


There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with your party.

You can make a difference in your community and help shape the future of our state and country.

Letters of intent to run for office can be submitted to by February 3

The Colorado State Democratic party is preparing for our biannual Reorganization.  As part of that process, changes will be made in leadership in County Democratic groups.  Huerfano county Democrats will be meeting Saturday, February 13 at 1 PM via ZOOM.  At the meeting, we will elect a new chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. 

Sign up to attend here

All registered Democrats are welcome and strongly encouraged to consider participating.

You can volunteer to help with the Reorganization or consider running for office.

Any Huerfano County registered Democrat is eligible for election to these offices.

In addition, representatives for State Reorganization will be selected.

The standing state committees include Executive, Central, Outreach and Platform.

The County Chair and First Vice Chair are members of the State Central Committee.

Bonus representatives will be elected to represent Huerfano county for HD62 and SD35



County & State Party Elections
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County Chair

The executive officer sets, calls and presides over executive and central committee meetings. 

The chair has financial authority to administer the budget as approved by the central committee.

Provide leadership for organizational activities

First Vice Chair

• Assist the chair in carrying out the duties of the chair

• Preside over meetings in the absence of the chair

• Provide leadership for organizational activities and political education

Second Vice Chair

• Assist the chair in carrying out the duties of the chair
• Preside over meetings in the absence of the chair and first chair



• Keep minutes of all meetings

• Keep all records and copies of minutes supplied by committees

• Keep the official list of members, office holders and committee members


• Render accounts of receipts and disbursements at each meeting

• Prepare and file all required financial reports

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