Democratic Candidates

Huerfano Commissioner District 3


Huerfano County is #1 for exporting Renewable Energy in Colorado. I want to make sure it stays that way.

Water is my main thing. I grew up on a property that used to have a public spring running off it.  I want to make sure the water that originates in Huerfano County brings benefits to Huerfano County.

I understand resource utilization. I know how diligent we have to be to make sure what we do doesn't harm the environment today or in the future.

 I'm born and raised in Huerfano County and I want to stay here. Providing for an economic means for young people to make it in Huerfano County is essential to me, but that means needs to complement the character of the landscape we live in.

Platform Summary
• Renewable Energy

• Water
• Preserving our Natural Resources
• Economic Development


Huerfano Assessor

Elisha Meadows

My name is Elisha Andreatta Meadows. I would like to officially announce my candidacy for re-election for the office of Huerfano County Assessor. I’m a native of Huerfano County, having grown up in Yellowstone between Walsenburg and Gardner.


I have worked in the Assessor’s Office since 1985. I have continued to grow and learn all aspects of the office. As election time approaches, it is clear to me that I am very capable to remain in this position and I will continue to work hard and keep our county accountable and up to date in operations.


I would like to ask for your support in the upcoming election.

Platform Summary
• Job Creation

• Affordable Housing
• Budget Analysis
• Equality
• Cleanup Initiatives and Citations
• Youth Programs & Elderly Assistance
• Business Retention & Stability
• Sustainable Growth & Economic Development

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Senate District 62


A fifth generation farmer and rancher from La Jara, CO, Valdez is a graduate of Centauri High School. He received his B.S. in Business Administration and a B.A. in Sports and Exercise Management from Adams State University. With a variety of professional experiences, he has a wealth of knowledge and passion for his current role as your State Representative. Valdez has served as the Deputy Public Trustee for the Conejos County Treasurer's office, served as Deputy Sheriff for Conejos County, and worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service. 

Platform Summary
• Water

• Education & Literacy
• Supporting Veterans
• Climate Change Initiatives

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Senate District 35


Hello! My name is Carlos R. Lopez and I am proud to be a candidate for Colorado State Senate District #35. I was raised in Colorado my entire life.  I attended School District #1 in Trinidad, started my college career at Trinidad State Junior College and finished my undergrad degree at the University of Northern Colorado. I am running because I am concerned that the State Government too often ignores the voices of Southern and Rural Colorado and I want to make sure that your concerns are voiced loud and clear at the State Capitol and turned into tangible legislation that helps us.  We need a fighter and I am ready to enter the ring.  

Platform Summary
• Education Funding
• Innovative Technologies
• Rural Healthcare Funding
• Recreational Development
• Personal Enhancement for Constituents

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Colorado Representative District 3

TBD in the Primary Election

Diane Mitsch Bush is running to be the US House Representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and unseat the incumbent Republican Scott Tipton. As a former County Commissioner and State Representative, Diane has gained valuable experience leading through crises—From Swine Flu to the Great Recession. Diane has been endorsed by former US Senator Marc Udall, former Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher, the AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women, One Colorado, and many others.   


To beat Tipton, our party needs a candidate who truly knows what it means to fight for the people of Western and Southern Colorado. Diane knows firsthand what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. Her mother became the sole breadwinner when she was three and took out payday loans so they could make the rent. As a County Commissioner, Diane brought good well-paying jobs to her community. As a State Representative, she worked to protect our land, our water, and our rights. And as your next Congresswoman, she will always fight for us, not large donors and corporations.

Platform Summary

  • Protect coverage for people with preexisting conditions, allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, and move towards universal coverage so everyone can get the quality healthcare they need.

  • Strengthen incentives for renewable energy, end fossil fuel subsidies, and provide a just transition for workers.

  • Ensure gender equality by protecting women’s right to choose and requiring equal pay for equal work.

  • Protect people’s wages, provide grants for small businesses, invest in infrastructure, and stand up to attacks on unions.

  • Get dark money out of our politics.

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U.S. Senator

TBD in Primary Election

We need a change. John believes this is a time for people who know how to do things differently — people like him who know how to work together to get things done. He has a proven record of bringing people together to get results, and that’s exactly what he’ll do in the Senate to solve our biggest challenges.

Platform Summary

  • Restore funding to the CDC for pandemic response and put into place protections for workers who are serving on the frontlines despite increased personal risk

  • Invest in real infrastructure improvement, not just repairing our roads and bridges, but updating our national grid and ensuring rural communities have broadband access, so that they can also benefit from our evolving economy

  • Protect Medicare and Social Security from being defunded or privatized. These programs are commitments we have made to our seniors after lifetimes of hard work

  • Invest in clean, renewable energy sources and work to transition local economies away from fossil fuels

  • Protect our public lands. Our wildlands and waterways are a key component to our Colorado way of life, and we need to ensure they are available for generations to come


Huerfano Treasurer

Debra Reynolds

Debra J. Reynolds has announced she is running for re-election to the office of Huerfano County Treasurer/Public Trustee.


"My name is Debra J. Reynolds and I am seeking my sixth term for the office of Huerfano County Treasurer/Public Trustee. I am requesting your support."


"It has been my pleasure to be your Incumbent for this office. I have held this position since elected in November 2002. I started working January 1, 2003. Since that time, we have established a great rapport with out community, and those entities we serve."


"We have a website, On the left side is a Treasurer tab, in which you can download a property Tax Notice, Pay Property Tax online, Forms for various uses to accommodate with this office and Information on Forclosures updated. It is our goal to continue to better serve you."

Platform Summary

  • Job & Economic Recovery

  • Leadership for Covid 19 Crisis

  • Immigration Reform

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Protect the Affordable Care Act

  • Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice