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Our mission  as Huerfano County Democrats is for every citizen in Huerfano County to be informed, engaged and voting. Our Core Values are: Truth, Inclusion, Transparency & Integrity


We do ask voters to call first – 719-738-2380 if at all possible, before coming to the courthouse

  • IMPORTANT - Because of the COVID, anyone entering the building is required to wear a mask and their temperature will be taken at the door.

  • we will be open for any voting starting Tuesday October 12th.

  • When people come into the Clerk’s Office to vote, they use the "Mail ballot" they are sent in the mail.

  • We do have booths set up in the hall and voters are welcome to vote it (their Mail ballot) at the booth, and then drop it in a ballot box where there will be 4 Election Judges available to help in any way necessary.

  • IMPORTANT - ANYONE having trouble voting their ballot because of Disability such as seeing or hearing or even standing for extended periods are welcome to come into the Office and Election Judges are trained to assist these voters with any of these issues.

  • If they lose, or never received their "Mail Ballot”, voters can let us know and we get them a replacement  & replacement "Mail Ballot" envelopes.  Please call in advance before coming to the County Courthouse for pick it up and voting.


Since Colorado is a Mail Ballot State we use the signature on the "Mail Ballot" Reply envelopes to verify signatures.  Voters should receive their ballots in the mail by the week of October 12th.


The Office will also be open for two Saturdays before the election.  Those Saturdays being October 24th and October 31st, from 8am until 12 for any voting ballot drop-offs or issues.

Get involved

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with your party. We are coordinating volunteer events through the summer and fall and desperately need eager, motivated volunteers to help make the Blue Wave of 2020 a reality. If you are interested in helping with the following:

  • Voter registration

  • Literature

  • Virtual House Parties

  • Phone Banking

  • Postcards

  • Welcome Committee

  • Text Banking

Donate $20 or more now, and receive a T-Shirt!
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Things you can do now
Register to Vote

Worried about your vote? Are you registered to vote? Are you old enough? Have you moved and need to change your information? Was your last vote counted? Are you wondering if your registration is correct? All these questions and more are answered at govotecolorado.com. Check here and stop voter fraud and intimidation.

Contact Representatives

Your state representatives are elected to serve as your voice. It is their duty to be responsive to the will of their constituents (that means you). Whether the issue is national or Colorado local, it is your constitutional right to speak up. Call your state representatives today to let your voice be heard.


We are coordinating volunteer events through the summer and fall and desperately need eager, motivated volunteers to help make the Blue Wave of 2018 a reality. We invite all to participate organize and persist  in these difficult times. We need everyone to  work to defend our democracy!


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