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Georgia Senate Run Off Election

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

January 5 will be a historic day!

While the increasing energy is exactly what we need to flip Georgia blue, we need to be sure that we are passing along the correct information to voters to ensure that we don’t lose a single vote. We invite you to read the following FAQ so you can double check your facts and be the best volunteer that you can be!

When is the voter registration deadline to vote in the January 5th Runoff? The deadline has already passed. Voters needed to register by Monday, December 7th.

Will Georgians automatically be mailed a ballot if they received one for the November election? No. Georgians must reapply for an absentee ballot for each election. The deadline for the application to be received is January 1st. However, we are urging voters to apply for their absentee ballot immediately. When will absentee ballots be mailed out? Ballots started to be mailed out on November 18th— so we’re already in GOTV (get out the vote) mode!

When does in-person early voting begin? In-person early voting begins on Monday, December 14th. When does in-person early voting end? In-person early voting ends on Thursday, December 31st. However, some counties end early in-person voting on the 30th. Voters are encouraged to check the dates for their specific county.

Do absentee ballots require stamps to be mailed in? Each ballot requires two first class stamps to be postmarked. Can voters mail their ballots in on Election Day? No. All ballots must be received by the elections office by January 5th at 7pm local time.

Have registered voters been purged from the voter rolls since the November 3rd election? Under federal law, it is illegal to purge voter rolls 90 days before a federal election. There are 63 days between November 3rd and January 5th. Additionally, there has been no evidence that voters have been purged from the rolls since November 3rd. However, Fair Fight Action is encouraging voters to double-check their voter registration.

When should we begin to encourage voters to vote early in-person instead of requesting an absentee ballot? If the voter has not requested an absentee ballot by December 14th, the start of early in-person voting, encourage them to vote early in-person instead. Requesting an absentee ballot after the 14th increases the risk of not getting their ballot in time for the election.

When should voters stop mailing their absentee ballots? If a voter has not mailed their ballot back by Monday, December 14th voters are encouraged to put their ballot into a dropbox instead.

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